Why enter your company for this Award?

Whether you’ve participated in previous years or if this is your first time, The Top 40 Best Workplaces that Give Back has helped companies of all sizes boost their credibility and enhance their brand image.
The benefits for entering this Award are:

1. Brand authority
Inspire your internal and external stakeholders when you show that your workplace giving is successful and making a real impact. You will demonstrate that you are an action-orientated company that aims to bring more conviction to your ESG practices and in turn, will boost your brand presence and authority.

2. Improves public perception
When you win accolades for your contributions to society, your business becomes highly visible to like-minded investors and potential clients. This increases shareholder value and is a stategic way to improve how the public, and most importantly, your employees, see you.

3. Business Growth
Winning or even ranking in an award shows that your company is satisfying the metrics that contribute to business growth – stakeholder satisfaction and workplace culture. When you increase the credibility of your brand, you will attract like-minded investors and customers who want to engage in your business.

4. Retain your best talent
Your employees will feel empowered and purposeful because they are working for a company that’s driving change. This reinforces a positive workplace culture that will help to boost staff productivity and performance.

5. Attract the best talent

More job seekers want to work for employers who are committed to their contributions to the greater good. They will know that your company gives back by being recognised and will want to be part of your workforce.

6. More than just an Award
The Winner will get a complimentary ride on the GoodCompany Volunteer Mystery Bus. As part of your corporate team building event, you and your team of 10 corporate volunteers will be driven by this groovy bus to help in the area of greatest need for one day.